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New Studio and New Work

About a year ago, I relocated from San Francisco to Oakland. For a while, I kept my old workspace in the Mission, out of love for the fantastic north light in the studio, and even more for the company of my longtime studiomate Lisa Congdon. But the commute eventually wore me down, and I started looking around for space closer to home.

At the beginning of this year, I found my new permanent studio. A furniture warehouse a few miles from my house decided to subdivide part of their storage space into studios, and I was lucky enough to get one of the first ones they built out. It's huge! Space in Oakland is so much cheaper than I was used to across the bay. I'm sharing this fabulous light-filled space with artists Andrew MacDonald and Kathryn Kenworth, and I'm excited to be getting going on new work.



After Flagellation of Christ by Caravaggio. 60" x 48", glitter on panel, 2012

I'm happy to have finished my first piece since moving into the new studio, and I'm excited to get going on a whole new body of work that I'm currently in research mode for. I've never had so much empty wallspace before. Time to get to work on filling it up!


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