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Thanks, Katrina

Today i leave this magical place. I'm so full of gratitude for the gift of the time here, for the kitchen crew who took such good care of me, for the brilliant folks I met here. I took a long walk around the grounds this morning and stopped by Katrina's grave to thank her for her vision of this place: "a perpetual series of house-parties- of literary men, literary women and other artists. Those who are city-weary, who are thirsting for the country and for beauty, who are hemmed in by circumstance and have no opportunity to make for themselves an harmonious environment, shall seek it here. At Yaddo they will find the inspiration they need: some of them will see the muses- some of them will drink from the Fountain of Hippocrene, and all of them will find the Sacred Fire and light their torches at its flame." Thanks, Yaddo

katrina's grave Yaddo

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