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Old photos revisited

Sometimes there's photos that I carry around from studio to studio for years thinking I'll someday get around to painting them. This one was from a series I did back in 2009. I had this photo set aside while I was working on lots of small paintings, because I wanted it to be one of the larger works to anchor the series, and the panel for it was delayed in shipping. I ended up running out of time before the deadline I was working toward, and then afterward I moved on to another body of work and never did do that painting. Anyway, six years later I figured I really should do it already. I have a little bit of downtime in the studio right now while I figure out my next body of work, and plane tickets booked to New York to do a photoshoot with some of my dearest friends and favorite models, and what better time than the present, right? I'm happy with how it came together- revisiting some old palettes, and thinking about how to bring some of the things I like about this old series into the work I want to do next. I think this one, and maybe some of the pieces I have left from back in 2009, will be going to the ArtMarket SF fair with Patricia next spring.

Fire on the Water

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